Flexible Agriculture Irrigation Woven Water Pipe

PE irrigation water pipe is a product composed of new polymer materials. It is mainly designed to reduce labor intensity. Compared with other existing hose products, the polymer woven hose has the following advantages: lightweight, anti-folding, anti-freezing, pressure-resistant, non-toxic, and anti-aging.

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(1) Non-toxic: PE braided water is non-toxic, tasteless and can be used for drinking water.
(2) Anti-aging: PE braided water hose has no aging phenomenon when exposed outside.
(3) Anti-freezing and anti-folding: Compared with PE extrusion hose and PVC hose, PE woven hose can be used normally in the temperature range of -48 to +48 degrees. Several times better than ordinary PVC water hose.
(4) Reduce labor intensity: PE braided water hose is very light, the weight is four inches lower, and the unit weight is about 80-100 g / m, which greatly saves the labor and material transportation costs.
(5) Good pressure resistance: PE braided composite water hose has good pressure resistance. Unlike ordinary PVC hoses, which can only withstand a working pressure of 2-4 bar, PE braided hoses can withstand a working pressure of 3-8 bar.
(6) Good antibacterial performance: The special woven PE hose with special formula has good antibacterial performance, which can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms and algae in the pipeline.
(7) Length can be customized freely. Maximum length: Compared with the maximum length of one piece of traditional water hose, which is less than 100 meters, PE braided composite water hose can have a maximum length of 500 meters per piece due to its lower weight, which is greatly convenient for customers.


Type: PE irrigation water pipe
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: YUXIANG
Garden Hose Reel Type: Water Hose
Material: PE
Standard: CNS
Diameter: 1"-10”
Feature: Adjustable, Anti-Abrasion, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-UV, Flexible, Soft, Freestanding
Product name: Agriculture Irrigation Hose
Color: White,Black,Green
Width: 1inch-10inch
Length: 50m/100,customized size is available.
MOQ: 50pcs
Usage: Agriculture Irrigation
Package: Carton Box
OEM: OEM Orders Accepted
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