Quality Control

Equipment Production

Here is SHUANGPENG,we have advanced equipment to produce tarpaulin and water hose.We also have a talented R@D team for manufacturing each product.SHUAGNPENG is an intelligence-oriented and information-based manufacturer to meet customers’ diverse requirements.

Constant Innovation And High Technology

SHUANGPENG is continuously providing great efforts in improving our product quality and services.We always aim to product reliable and highest quality products.Therefore,we are committed to making innovations using advanced and high technology.

Quality Control And Certifications

We manufacture a wide range of plastic woven fabrics such as greenhouse film,tarpaulins,multi function woven fabric,the geomembranes ,and the composite woven water hose.Each model of our fabric equipment is certified by international quality standards such as CE, ISO9001 certifications.
Aside from that,we also ensure that our machines are conformed to safety standards including CSA CUS,EMC,and more.
SHUANGPENG has ISO-certified quality control management.Our factory is also equipped with advanced testing equipment and a center.We ensure that all our products are made from carefully-sourced materials.