Lightweight Expandable PE Garden Water Hose

Expandable garden water hose is a product composed of new polymer materials. Its major goal is to lessen the amount of labor required. The polymer woven hose has the following benefits over other hose products now on the market: it is lightweight, anti-folding, anti-freezing, pressure-resistant, non-toxic, and anti-aging.

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(1) Non-toxic: Water that has been braided with PE is tasteless, non-toxic, and suitable for drinking.

(2) Anti-aging: When exposed to the elements, PE braided water hose does not age.

(3) Anti-freezing and anti-folding: Compared with PE extrusion hose and PVC hose, PE woven hose can be used normally in the temperature range of -48 to +48 degrees. Several times better than ordinary PVC water hose.

(4) Decrease labor intensity: PE braided water hose is very lightweight, weighing about 80-100 g/m and being four inches lower in weight overall. This greatly reduces the cost of labor and material transportation.

(5) Good pressure resistance: PE braided composite water hose has good pressure resistance. Unlike ordinary PVC hoses, which can only withstand a working pressure of 2-4 bar, PE braided hoses can withstand a working pressure of 3-8 bar.

(6) Good antibacterial performance: The specially woven PE hose has a specific composition that has good antibacterial performance, effectively preventing the formation of microbes and algae in the pipeline.


Type: Expandable garden water hose
Place of Origin: China
Material: PE
Packing way Roll: Roll
Description: Light-weight/Good compression strength/Aging-resistance
Supply Ability: 30000 meters per day
Packaging Details: standard packaging with boxes

Product Description

Color White/Black
Material Bore size PE 1-10inch
Size 50m length or 100m length,customized length is available.
Packing way Roll
Description Light-weight/Good compression strength/Aging-resistance

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